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Fingerprint Guest Books

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Everyone is looking for that “unique thing” that will set his or her Wedding apart from all the others. Besides being a memorable day for the bride and groom, you want to ensure that it’s a memorable event for the guests as well.

There are many ways you can do this. Sometimes it’s not just that one “unique thing” that makes it memorable and it can be a combination of “unique things”.

A new “unique thing” that is popping up is what’s called a Fingerprint Guest Book. A fingerprint guest book is an alternative to a traditional guest book seen at weddings.

A Wedding Fingerprint Guest Book is a tree drawn without leaves, which is displayed at your wedding. Guests then place their fingerprint or thumbprint on the tree to signify the leaves. They can then sign their name near the print to verify their attendance.

If you’ve already gotten married, and you’re like me, your traditional guest book probably sits in a drawer somewhere (if you even know where it is). With a Fingerprint Guest Book, you hang your finished guest book on your wall afterwards as a beautiful keepsake you can cherish forever.

If you choose to have a wonderful Fingerprint Guest Book for your Wedding, here are some tips and instructions provided by

Don’t forget these additional items to make your Fingerprint Guest Book a big hit:

  • Ink Pads - (Choose 2 - 3 colors)
  • Pens for Guests to Sign
  • Hand wipes
  • A frame for your Guest Book
  • A frame for your Instruction Card
  • Blank index cards for guests to test out their print before putting it on the guest book.

Here are some Tips for having a Fingerprint Guest Tree at your wedding.

1.) Have hand wipes next to your fingerprint guest book so attendees can clean up after sharing their fingerprint or thumbprint.

Place a small garbage pail on the table next to your fingerprint guest book so guest can dispose of their used hand wipe.

2.) Place an instruction card on how guests can use your fingerprint guest book nearby in order to help guests participate.

3.) Use only archival quality ink pads for your fingerprint guest book.

4.) Fill in any unused space on your fingerprint guest book after the event by using your own fingerprints.

5.) Don't forget to sign your own fingerprint guest book.

6.) Use only archival quality pens for your fingerprint guest book.

7.) Have a friend/family member stand near the fingerprint guest book in order to instruct guests on what to do.

8.) Choose 2 to 3 different "leaf" colors for your fingerprint guest book to really make the picture pop.

9.) Consider having everyone put their "leaf" on your fingerprint guest book in the same color, and have the guest of honor sign the Guest Tree or fingerprint guest book in another.

10.) Buy a small frame to place the instruction card in to make it look nice next to your Guest Tree or fingerprint guest book.

11.) Recruit a friend or family member to stand near the guest book and help guests

Here’s to your success!