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Guest Tree

Guest Entertainment at Your Party or Wedding

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Recently I was at a wedding in which the couple had procured the services of a photo booth. This photo booth was a little different than the vending machine you see at your local mall. This photo booth was a completely interactive system in which you could dress up, and the attendants would take your photo on the background of your choosing, afterwards, you received a magnet with your picture to take home. The coolest part was…. you could go 100 times if you wanted to…no limit. This was the talk of the wedding that night, and believe me, it was the topic of many conversations afterwards as well.

So what are couples looking for when they get married today? They want to entertain their guests in order to make it a memorable occasion for everyone. The couple will remember that day for the rest of their lives, but the newest thought is to have their guests talk about and remember the wedding in years to come.

The newest form of entertainment that can be seen at memorable weddings comes in the form of a fingerprint guest book. A fingerprint guest book is a new unique spin on an old tradition.

Basically a fingerprint guest book is a picture of a tree displayed at a wedding reception that has no leaves to begin with. The leaves come in the form of your guest’s fingerprints or thumbprints being left behind to signify their attendance at the wedding.

Fingerprint guest books are becoming such a popular item at weddings because a guest book is the first thing guests see when they arrive at your reception, and by having a memorable fingerprint guest book, it gets people involved and mingling with each other. This can set the mood for the wedding from the very beginning and send it down the path to being an entertaining and memorable wedding.

Afterwards the newlyweds will have a wedding keepsake that they can hang on their wall and cherish forever.

Things you’ll need to host a fingerprint guest book at your wedding:

  • A fingerprint guest book
  • Ink Pads - (Choose 2 - 3 colors)
  • Pens for Guests to Sign
  • Have hand wipes on hand so guest can clean up
  • A frame for your Guest Book (Take the glass out to display it at your reception)
  • A frame for your Instruction Card
  • Blank index cards for guests to test out their print before putting it on the guest book.

A short list of tips to make it especially memorable:

1.)Have hand wipes next to your fingerprint guest book so attendees can clean up after sharing their fingerprint or thumbprint.

2.)Place a small garbage pail on the table next to your fingerprint guest book so guest can dispose of their used hand wipe.

3.)Place an instruction card on how guests can use your fingerprint guest book nearby in order to help guests participate. (Be sure to frame it)

4.)Fill in any unused space on your fingerprint guest book after the event by using your own fingerprints.

5.)Be sure to sign your own fingerprint guest book.

6.)Use only archival quality pens for your fingerprint guest book.

7.)Use only archival quality inkpads for your fingerprint guest book to make it last a lifetime.

8.)Have a friend/family member stand near the fingerprint guest book in order to instruct guests on what to do.

9.)Choose 2 to 3 different "leaf" colors for your fingerprint guest book to really make the picture pop.

10.)Consider having everyone put their "leaf" on your fingerprint guest book in the same color, and have the your fingerprints placed in a different color (a red heart looks nice)

11.)Buy a small frame to place the instruction card in to make it look nice next to your Guest Tree or fingerprint guest book.